Spigot [DEPRECATED] Flamethrower 5

Light mobs and players on fire with this awesome flamethrower!

  1. Techdoodle submitted a new resource:

    Flamethrower - Light mobs and players on fire with this awesome flamethrower!

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  2. I like it :)
    It would be nice to have some kind of a fuel system though. Maybe Firework stars or something (Every 2 seconds that you're holding it down, it could use 1 firework star).
    Other wise, nice job :)
  3. Good ideas, I'll see if I can implement them soon!
  4. I'll definitely use this if you add a type of fuel source. Interesting plugin!
  5. Thank you!
    I'll add it soon.
  6. Any luck on adding in a Fuel source yet?
  7. Ah forgot about that, I'll add it soon when my testing server is back up.
  8. Fuel added, yay!
  9. Yay, added!
  10. I love this, I'm using it to make a special sword for my server, is there a way to remove the [Flamethrower] tag from underneath the lore however?
  11. Nope, sorry.
    It's there so that the plugin knows that the item is a flamethrower.
  12. Any possibility that make this flamethrower bind to a item?
    For example, when a player get a flamerod, the flamerod can use as a flamethrower but not get the flamethrower by command?
  13. Well, if you want to give it in a kit, or something similar, just make the name and lore match that of a normal flamethrower.
  14. ok thx anyway