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Create intelligent menus having beautiful GUI with navigation, buttons and more!

  1. Create beautiful GUI menus with ease using UIDesigner and [​IMG]
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  2. I see the latest version 1.1.7 is out in github. Why don't you post any more update here?
    Anyways, I really appreciate this library. It's helping me to finish my project in time.
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  4. You're totally right, I forgot about it some time ago! Pushed now.
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  5. I'd like to know how to implement MenuPagged class. What does T generic type stands for?
    There's no tutorial or explanation of that.
    Don't be pressed on this, I merely need a short guidance.
  6. Hey, T stands for everything, you literally change it to what you need to iterate through in the menu. Here is an example directly from CoreArena.

    Code (Java):

    public final class MenuWorlds extends MenuPagged<World> {

    // In this menu we will show all worlds on your server
            protected MenuWorlds(Menu parent) {
                super(9 * 2, parent, Bukkit.getWorlds());

    // Normally, you set title in the constructor above but for MenuPagged we actually need this special method
            protected final String getMenuTitle() {
                return "Select Game World";

    // This is called for each item in the menu, in this case for each World to convert it into an displayable item
            protected ItemStack convertToItemStack(World w) {
                final List<String> lore = new ArrayList<>();
                final boolean on = getData().isWorld(w);
                lore.add(on ? "&2World is selected." : "&cWorld is not selected.");
                lore.add("&7Found arenas:");

                return ItemCreator.of(Material.GRASS,

            protected void onMenuClickPaged(Player pl, World w, ClickType click) {
                if (getData().isWorld(w)) {

                    restartMenu("&3World has been un-selected!");
                } else {

                    restartMenu("&2World has been selected!");

                if (getRotation().getPhase() != RotationPhase.SUSPENDED)


            protected final String[] getInfo() {
                return new String[] {
                        "Select the one world",
                        "for your automatic games.",
                        "After changing it, you",
                        "will need to re-select",
                        "enabled arenas again.",
                        "&6Changing will stop the",
                        "&6rotation, if running."
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  7. Hey @kangarko sorry if I'm bothering you. I'm having a difficulty of adding MenuButtons into a menu.
    My intent was to create a MenuButtonTrigger and register it by overriding this method.
    And Instantiating MenuButtonTrigger required me to pass a menu instance. (The menu class I use extends MenuPagged)
    However, It's impossible to instantiate the menu in such case because the menu items need to be queried from database before the it gets constructed. So I think it's necessary to allow registering buttons after the construction of a menu like Menu#addButton(MenuButton)
  8. Could you make UIDesigner listen to InventoryDragEvent? I want my menu to listen to the event and handle it.
  9. You can just listen to it yourself and find your menu by its title
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