Destroy the nexus. Someone interested?

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  1. Hello Spigot community,

    I have started to develop a destroy the nexus plugin(Known as "Annihilation") from scratch!

    I was wondering if someone was interested in helping me develop it, since I'm kinda new to Java and programming Spigot/Bukkit plugins.

    If you're interested, leave a reply below and I'll send you a PM and we'll talk about it.
    It will mostly be developed through Saros, a plugin for Eclipse that let's you program in groups.(It lets you code on the same project real time)

    This plugin isn't for any network, it is just to learn and to have a custom Annihilation plugin(Which will be for free) so people can use.
    I know there's others out there but some are paid, and some give quite a lot of errors.

    One more thing, when the plugin is finished and most of things are working, the source code will be posted and you will be free to edit it in any way.(Unless you use it for monetary purposes)

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Will this be using arena's or a whole Server? Using a whole server is easier to code.
  3. Yes, the whole server will be used, unless we really work hard for it to work alongside other minigames on the same machine.
  4. What are you planning to add?
    Etc etc.
  5. First, I'm working on getting the main things about Annihilation working, like the nexusbreakevent, the regenerating blocks, the locations, the teams...
    Then I will work on the kits and other tweaks to make the gamemode better.
  6. You can contact me if you need any help. I would like to help but Im busy with school so I don't have much time :/
  7. Ok, thanks!
  8. If you want my skype, just pm me ;)
  9. Will do!
  10. Please don't bump within 24 hours.
  11. Sorry, didn't realize.
  12. Its easy to code if you want it only 1 arena per server
  13. It might easy to code for you, but not for me. I'm kinda new at Java.
  14. i though you need someone to code it for you didnt read that you need help :p add me on skype mrfirehd ill help you
  15. Done c:
  16. omg I'm so sorry for this necro post...but I'm really interested to see how you got on with that. I love Anni, but I just want to mess around with friends on a few private servers, and your ideas would be perfect!

    Again #SorryForTheNecro but this is something I read back in Oct 2015. :S
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  18. I ended up reviving a project that was abandoned.
  19. I don't really see that plugin justified at $10.00. :/ Well, not without a free trial styled version.

    Someone did however, send me their download from this plugin, and I trialed it (only trialed it on 1.8) to find it didn't quite work.
    Now I did expect that, since not only was it an outdated version, but the fact I hadn't paid for it, I didn't want to use it for too long.

    That being said though, I'm more inclined to buy it now, rather than how it used to be $20.00USD. Like, that was wayyyy too much. I am considering it when I get my next paycheck. Haha.
    But I mostly meant Expl0itBypass' plugin that he was going to make? How did that end up going?