Detect color change in crosshair and auto-click (FPS games)

Discussion in 'Programming' started by HaveANiceDay, May 26, 2016.

  1. Is it possible in Java or any other programming language to detect a color change in the crosshair of a full screen game and then auto click? I play this FPS game with my friends and I really suck at it. The crosshair changes to red whenever you aim over an enemy but my reaction time is well below average. I would be willing to pay if somebody could help me out.
  2. I don't think people are going to help you code cheats on here.

    If you really want to ruin other people's experiences by being too lazy to improve naturally, I'm sure their are plenty of sites you could find dedicated to purchasing hacks for FPS games.
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  3. Yes, it would be fairly easy, but it would require you to understand some advanced graphics libraries, and it would probably get you instantly banned for cheating, predictably. Not to mention you rarely want to fire like this in a shooter..