Detecting When Errors Popup

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Technerder, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Exactly... Poor him if we'd spam him... Better not do so.
  2. Btw, did you already see my plugins? 5k likes from you ain't enough... :cool::p:D xDxDxD
  3. I don't get it?
  4. Would you mind liking my plugins? The 20 billion likes that you already gave me aren't enough...:cool::p:D xD
  5. @Blooker @Zane_ please remain ontopic. Thread has been reported and hopefully be cleaned up. Abuse of rating system is not allowed (Asking for ratings etc).
  6. @Blooker Finally some real knowledge has been given to us.
  7. Yes... finally.... We're too stupid to read the rules... :oops::(:confused: :cool:

    I apologize for any offtopic nonsence i talked here and hope that my account won't get banned...:eek: Thank you
  8. Your account won't be banned. Most likely the posts been deleted and ratings reverted. We have a pm feature here for this kind of conversations :)
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