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  1. I've been often wondering, how do server owners determine the size of their actual player base? When I read posts on these forums, people like to wave numbers around and I honestly have no idea how my server compares. So, if any one of you knows how to produce an estimate, here are some numbers from my server:

    After 6 months of running (we had a complete reset with the release of 1.9):
    • we are a small, 20-slot server in online mode,
    • 1430 unique players have joined in total (but of course a majority of them never returned, so this number says nothing, I only took the number of userdata files),
    • 213 players have joined in the last two weeks (but this also counts new players that first joined during this time and never returned. This is taken from the userdata files, based on the file write date),
    • 65 players have spent more than 24 hours online (this is taken from a serverlist website that collects the data, but only keeps it for 30 days, so there might be players who spent a lot of time but are on a hiatus),
    • we seldom reach the slot limit, mostly it's just on Sunday afternoons. Since the school year started, half of the day the server is empty, people come in the afternoon-evening. This was expected and I'm completely OK with it, but it doesn't help us determining an average of any kind.
    The most valuable resource are these statistics, coming directly from our host:

    Any ideas? Do you use plugins or calculations? Are our eyes real?
  2. I would just track people's onlinetime and then just look at everyone who was active for like 2-3 hours in the last 14 days. Those people can be considered "active". Most new players who don't like your server are unlikely to play for 2-3 hours before quitting. So you'll weed those out. And there aren't many active people who play for less than 2-3 hours in 2 weeks. So you should get a relatively accurate statistic for your active playerbase.
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  3. This sounds like a reasonable approach. Based on the info I found on the tracking website, and on what you said, we have around 140 active players. Thanks!

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