[Dev Needed] Mini-Games And Proxy

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  1. Hello my name is Tim,
    And im looking for a developer that is willing to take this job.

    The plugins that will be needed
    • Mini - Games
    • Proxy Based Signs (Bungee Cord)
    • Very simple Perms plugin that will carry all ranks to all the servers
    Mini Games will need

    Stored Info - inventories, classes and scores!
    Graphic menus for shop and other stuff. (Configured items displayed on the menus with custom names, color andinformation.
    Lobby Management
    More info (will be told later on if you want the job

    Proxy Based Signs (Bungee Cord)
    a dynamic sign system to join a server for the mini game. (examples HiveMC, Hypixel)

    I know this is gonna cost me money so im willing to pay what i need to pay. I know each mini game is around 100 - 200 $ and the sign system is about the same also the perms plugin. So please don't rip me off.

    To qualify for this job you need to have experience and i need a list of the past projects you have done.

    Post under if you might be able to help and ill add you on skype or message you.

    Thanks - Tim
  2. Why don't you try to make some more threads about it?
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  3. :) Hello, I can help you with mini games and I know the permissions so I could help you but I could not take care of it all the time ...
    (sorry for my bad english)
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  4. Why don't you let so more people know about it? Looks like this thread is not very
  5. Hmm for a good price I can help you :). Pm me if you are interested.
    Email: [email protected]
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  6. sorry i didnt see this. so want to help out?