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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Squirzy, May 13, 2013.

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    What is The Fuse?
    The Fuse MC is a large upcoming mini-game server that will host multiple fun and unique mini-games that have not be seen on servers before. Our ultimate goal is to create a server that has features never seen on other servers before to create a unique experience for all players. The server will operate under a lobby based system where players join a lobby and will have the option to join 1 of multiple game lobbies to participate in the games the server runs.​
    Gazamo Network will also be building our maps to make them stand out and create a professional looking server.​
    What are we looking for in a developer?
    To make this all happen, we are looking for:​
    • A very experienced java/bukkit developer (Must be able to show plugins they have created)
    • Experience in developing for these lobby type servers. Must be able to have plugins communicate across servers using the Lilypad API.
    • Must be available frequently to develop and be dedicated.
    • Easy to get in contact with. Communication will be done through Skype, and all server ideas/plugin requests will be detailed in a google doc.
    • Mature and be able to follow criteria/plugin requests.
    This will be a paid job, so if you are interested in this position please post below and we can go from there. Upon showing proof of the above requirements, we can start discussing in-dept detail of the server.

    Please note: I didn't post in-dept detail as I don't want to release what some of the features I have in mind are.

    Kind Regards,
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  2. That's weird. I have something like this in development too! I call it Craft Arcade. However, I have 6 mini games. This may sound very paranoid but have you been taking my ideas? I have had many devs that just stay until I told them my ideas then left!
  3. Yes that does sound very paranoid - I have been planning this server for months. Not to sound rude at all, but you are not the only person who has had the mini game server idea. These other mini game servers is how I have gathered interest in getting my own unique one set up. I haven't even heard of "Craft Arcade" before.
  4. LiLChris

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    Seems everyone is trying to make one, I posted a thread about a Minigame Network earlier as well. :p
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  5. I know. My project has been in planning for months too, and is just very important to me. My Devs have mysteriously disappeared. Also, I see a place for collaboration!
  6. Sorry, my server will be a sole standing server, I won't be interested in any collaboration. Main reason for this, is I believe having more then 1 person making decisions just created arguments and confusion. Plus the server I have planned will be somewhat "my baby" and would rather run it my self.
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  7. "Three skilled server owners came together and created the best mini games server in the history of Minecraft"

    EDIT: ok....
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  8. And share the fame and fortune? You gotta be kidding :p
  9. I guess its the anti intuitive way to go. Ill just have to be better than them all LukeHandle :p
  10. I do not know Squirzy well at all, we were put in touch by a mutual friend and he discussed this idea with me last November and he was already well into the planning stage then. So it is clearly not copy from you zaptrem. Descrides, MineCade, The Fridge and numerous other networks have been live for a long time so nobody can claim copy right over the idea. In the end I think players will get sick to death of them. But good luck both
  11. Claim copy right over the idea? What happens when you "copy right it"?
  12. YoFuzzy3


    Pretty sure it's impossible to copyright an "idea" in the Minecraft community.
  13. Yes, It is as it is like inside minecraft which is copyrighted, which means AFAIK you can't trademark, copyright etc.
  14. Mojang, has it water might. ANY code that directly interfaces with any of their code or forks or their code is not copy right-able by us the developer as a single entity. But saying that Bukkit has NOT actually officially confirmed exactly what license it comes under.

    Also you have international law. For us in Europe you can't take patents or trademarks on ANY thing software related (Yes you can copy right written code and have IPR rights of course). Unlike in the US there you can patent software ideas and the such. Us software patents aren't recognized under EU law. So a US dev many have a killer idea and patent it in the US, still in my opinion pointless as if you use any mojan property you don't own the IP rights and us in European are feel to implement your idea as the patent means nothing here but still with the same restrictions from Mojan.

    You can find on Bukkit their last official statement from them was 2 years ago and as it stands a think bukkit API is is under GPU but they were still debating and have made no announcement since. I am no expert on any of this by the way and would be happy to stand corrected if wrong. Craftbukkit is defiantly under a different license.
  15. Can we please keep this thread on topic?

    I have only made this thread to recruit interested developers, not to ask who else had the same idea. In saying that, this thread can be closed now since I have a few interested developers.

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    Closed upon request.
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