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  1. A question for everyone is what milestones would you consider achieving like "creating from scratch the X game" at this point i created my first plugin,a rip off of the thepit minigame and i feel ascending from "stop trying" to "you could do better"
    So what you guys thinks should i try to achieve to learn as much as possible

    Btw pls no hate for "no plugin coding help post"
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    Sorry, don't really understand your post. Are you looking for goals to become better as Spigot developer?
    • Learning about objects, properly
    • Learning about files
    • Learning about abstract, interfaces, access modifiers
    • Learning what async(hronous) is
    • Learning about threads
    • Learning about lambdas
    I realise these are more java specific but oh well. Also i’ve obviously missed some stuff. Just do those :D
  3. Yes,what would i have to make to get better
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    I'd try doing free plugin requests in the Offering Developers section on the forums here. Do it like free for vouch copies, it's a great way to build up a portfolio.

    Otherwise, try going for something really unique that isn't necessarily useful but just rather cool, to show off. Personally I play around with sending custom packets to figure out how to manipulate the client and post my findings here on the forums.
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  5. Thats a great ideea never thought about the plugin request section,thanks for telling me