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  1. Maux Games // Innovator

    Who We Are
    We are an Arcade server with 100 people waiting for launch! We have started and
    we have 2 amazing innovators (developers.) However, we need help, because we are making a grand project!

    Payment works like so: Innovators will receive 50% of all income that comes through the server. When we launch, there will be a ton of donations, so please try to take advantage of it! We pay through PayPal. If you need more on elaboration, please PM me!

    What we want of you
    We expect our developers to be able to complete these projects within a month of assigning, if you feel you need more time, don’t hesitate to give us notice in advance of the deadline. Please PM if you need more elaboration.

    We expect that you will know the language fluently as if it was your first language and be able to support our plugins for two months after release for any bugs found, after the face we will pay you for your services and any extra features added. Activity on our server platforms will give you a raise by 2%.

    How to get in contact
    Contact us through Private Messaging or email: [email protected] or [email protected] (recommended)
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  2. Ooops! Sorry wrong area! Can someone please move it?
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  3. Inkzzz

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    Hit the report button, and request for it to be moved.
  4. latiku


    You don't know you'll receive a "ton" of donations from launch, don't burst your bubble.
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  5. Inkzzz

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    Also, how do you know you'll get a lot of donations?
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  6. latiku


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  7. bs, u dont have enough posts and you know it.
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  8. I guess you may be right, I don't know if I will get a lot of donations. But what I do know is that the people who are waiting are also filthy rich people. ;)
  9. r00d, but right lol
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  10. :p Yeah... I know it, also a bit embarrassed that you figured it out
  11. latiku


    At least he accepts the fact and doesn't try denying it unlike some people....
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  12. Inkzzz

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    I've been on your server and I like to build, and you have some nice plugins - definitely see potential.
  13. Are you serious? you dont even have your own domain how are you going to brand your server? or is it going to be known as the "Hopto" server
  14. We don't want to waste money before we launch... that wouldn't be smart!
  15. Can a mod please lock/remove/move this thread, please?
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  16. That would be nice
  17. Sorry for wasting all of your time, guys. Maybe I will post this at the right section when I get 20 posts! ;D
  18. Expecting developers to know a language fluently like a mother tongue is a bit ambitious, wouldn't you say? Besides what does it mean to know a programming language fluently. I don't think there is a formal definition.
  19. JustThiemo

    JustThiemo Previously TrinityDEV

    "Waste of money before server opens."
    Please, you will need to put a lot of time and some money in your server, if you dont want to spend money, dont make a server. You are not gonna make it..
  20. So an innovator gets 50% of all income? Um, I'm not that good at finance but I'm pretty sure you'll be in debt almost instantly o_O