Developers/Owners, what's the WORST experience you've had with a client or dev

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  1. Just wondering if anybody has any stories that stand out- if you're a server owner, worst dev experience (no need to tag the person, you can leave things anonymous if you'd like), and devs what's the worst experience you've had with a client/server owner?
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  2. I won't stay anonymous cause I absolutely hate the guy. Plus the server is down now anyway.

    I used to develop for this server called Frosty Factions probably around 6-7 years ago now. I did a ton of work for him, but he was always trying to get me to finish work in unrealistic timeframes. After I had finished the latest project, I told him that I was done working for him, but he got super pissed and decided to chargeback all the money he sent me on PayPal. At the time I was like 13-14 years old, so I called up PayPal support (scared out of my mind that they would deactivate me) and tried to make my voice as deep as possible so I didn't sound like a squeaker over the phone. I ended up winning, because this was back before PayPal had buyer protection for "intangible goods" so I got the case resolved almost instantly in my favor, blocked the guy on skype, and never talked to him again.
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  3. Wow wtf charging back is a scummy move, especially for projects already completed
  4. Hi, why are you asking this question to prevent and not make the same mistakes?

    I've had quite a few toxic users who tried many times to hack my server something that never happened
    typical DDoS and bot attacks
    you always have to be updated and prepared for anything.

    Regarding developer's, I don't think I'm the only one who has had problems.
    You pay in advance for a new project and sometimes they make excuses do not deliver the project on time, I have even known cases in which the work was never delivered.

    I've also had cases in which a developer resells the plugin to different servers to get more benefits.

    or developer who deliver bug-filled plugins and never solve them.

    you can also have bad experiences with builder teams
    I have also had cases in which I paid for some maps and after a while I found my maps on another server some builders are not honest and resell the maps to get more benefit.

    and finally be very careful with the chargeback in Paypal practically Paypal does not offer any help or support before a chargeback
    For that reason I recommend everyone to use
    I also recommend disabling credit card payments to avoid scams or chargebacks.
  5. yup chargebacks
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  6. I asked 50% out of curiosity, and 50% to know what to watch out for. As a dev I've done a bunch of private work, but if I want to do more I wanna know what to prevent.
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    Xsolla has chargeback capability as well.
  8. Not if you disabled card payments
  9. Wait you fr worked for frosty?
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  10. I spent a month creating a series of plugins for over $500 for the server KookyPvP. The owner paid in advanced, which gave me trust in him. Upon delivering all of the completed plugins and their source code, the owner cut all communications with me, and opened a chargeback on PayPal for all of the payments. The payment was paid in 3 separate payments, so I had to respond to 3 chargebacks and get 3 chargeback fees to make matters worse. My PayPal hit -$300 thanks to that. Even worse, the payments were all sent via bank payments, and charged back through the bank, so I figured I was screwed. I spent probably an hour typing up a response to the chargeback, and just copy pasted it to all 3. By some grace of god, I won 2 of the 3 chargebacks. I won the 2 highest value ones as well, which was awesome. I had already worked doing development for people to get back to $0 in PayPal, so winning the chargebacks was a very nice and appreciated boost.

    Moral of the story, don’t take bank payments, and write a long response to chargebacks.
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    I've heavily cleaned this thread. Please keep it on-topic.
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  12. I don't understand what happened
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  14. I had an experience which to some people my seem like heaven but it just wasn't right.

    I had a client ask for some work for around $80. My fault partially as he mean't Australian Dollars lmao so in reality it was near $40 after I developed the plugin which should have been the first red flag. After this, they asked for an addition to the plugin for an extra $x so I said okay. Next day, asked for an addition to the plugin for an extra $x. Okay. This kept happening which like I said, to some might be heaven with all this income for small changes. Anyway, this dude literally asked me to wait for his "allowance to reset" before he could pay me and then he was going to spend it all on the plugin which personally I didn't feel comfortable with - chargebacks, cleaning him out etc and most likely his parents didn't know this was going on. Anyway, I refused, sent him the source code and let someone else deal with that.

    Not a bad experience I guess just a weird one.