Developing A Bukkit Plugin For BungeeCord

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  1. So, I'm relatively new to BungeeCord (just to let y'all know.)

    What I'm trying to do is create a plugin that sends a player to the server with the most people online (that isn't full obviously) when someone joins.

    From what I know this, this plugin has to be put into the plugins folder of the server, that is defined as the "lobby" server in bungeecord.

    However after trying it, it didn't work, so I'm looking for some assistance.

    TL;DR: Where do I have to put BungeeCord bukkit plugins so they work?

    Use this video to understand what I did:

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  2. If you're writing a BungeeCord plugin - it goes in the 'Modules' folder of your BungeeCord proxy server file directory.

    If it's a Bukkit plugin that interacts with Bungee, it goes in the usual plugins folder of the server you're installing it on
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  3. If it is compiled with bungeecord, put it in bungeecord plugins folder,
    If it is compiled with bukkit, put it in the bukkit plugins folder
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  4. You must put it in the Bungeecord Plugins Folder
  5. Well... I did try to put in the server plugins folder. Didn't work however.
  6. What do you mean by "didn't work however?"
    Where there any errors on the console, if so what was it?
    Give us more details ;)