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  1. Hello. I've got a question. When I search development builds, I'll see something like that:

    [​IMG] Spigot 36 sec
    [​IMG] Spigot-API 18 sec
    [​IMG] Spigot-Parent 5 sec

    Does it make any differences when the time next to "Spigot" (36 secs)is bigger or lower? Yeah I know,it's silly question but i'd like to know something more about it. Regards.
  2. Jigsaw


    It has no useful meaning to people who are just using the builds on their server. If you are a Spigot developer it would be useful information to have. Other than that, you can safely ignore the times.
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  3. No, that time has no use to ANYONE, not even developers.

    It simply is a time of how long it took to compile. It's pretty useless information other than to see "hey, past 5 builds took twice as long to compile, why is that?"
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  4. Oh, thanks so much. ;)