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Discussion in 'Programming' started by AtomicWaves, May 2, 2017.

  1. Hello SpigotMC,

    I'm looking for a development team on spigot. If anyone owns one of some sort and is open for junior developer's please contact me. Here's a bit about me. I've been into java for about 4 month and spigot API for 2 months, I can make simple plugins but I'm looking to gain experience and improve my programming skills. If you have a team please contact me and I'll apply.
  2. Hmm, how much do you want to be paid per hour?
  3. I dont need money, I'm not a top notch developer. Just looking for a little team to work with.
  4. I'm only 12 :p
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  5. Well, you need to have a project idea to get people working on a team :)
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    To make it easier on us, show us your progress. Post Resources on Spigot and open source them on GitHub. This will give guys an idea of your skill level. And, if anyone is interested, contact you to build something of a similar scale.

    You can also post in Offering - Developers, and mention you're doing simple plugins for free to gain experience. For progress updates, inform them that you will be open sourcing the plugins for others to easily deem skill level.

    That'll build you a good reputation (vouches), and increase your programming skill (Java, Bukkit, Git, SQL, etc). All without the need for an actual team.
  7. Ok, I'll repost this in a few weeks and add of of this :)