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  1. Hey everbody,
    My Son want to learn how to make a minecraft plugin... If someone can help me with that it will be allsome.
    each hour u will be payd 30 dollars each hour. If someone can help me. please command
  2. Hmmm I think he should first learn how java works and in general object-oriented-programmlng before he starts using the Spigot-API.
    There are some good books or websites for learning.
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  3. Legoman99573


    Need to know Java and how APIs work before you can make a plugin. @vk2gpz is a good teacher if you need one ;)
  4. Check your private messages ;) I sent some information to help on there
  5. There's a few Bukkit/Spigot programming tutorials on Youtube that he can watch for free (feel free to pay someone if you feel like it). Although I suggest he develops basic Java knowledge before jumping into programming plugins, he can use this videos to understand how Java is implemented in plugins and play around with that. Also, keep track of what he is doing and motivate him to do what he likes, that will help him a lot. He should also learn how to use Google (properly) so he can figure out solution by himself.

    These are what I used when I was learning the basics. (Java) (Java, Bukkit/Spigot)
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