Spigot || DevolutionMinigame || Like the real Evolution Minigame. 1.2

A minigame like the Evolution minigame in the MinePlex server.

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    || DevolutionMinigame || Like the real Evolution Minigame in MinePlex - A minigame like the Evolution minigame in the MinePlex server.

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  2. Andre_601


    Please don't use names of (Popular) servers in your plugin's title and/or description as it is against the forum rules (Rule 4.1.7).
  3. Oh, excuse me , i dont know that.

    p.s i’am italian so sorry for grammatical errors.
  4. Hey, I've been trying to get this plugin to work. I've tried using WorldEdit for a selection and tried p1 and p2 however the plugin will keep telling me arena bounds have not been set, is this an issue?
  5. If you are in 1.13+, its normal that doesn't works, if you have a 1.13+ version you need to use the commands for set the points.
  6. I've tried the commands in both 1.12 and 1.16, I create the arena, then do p1 and p2 then do /devadmin finish and it tells me arena bounds not set, same with WorldEdit
  7. After set the points you do /devadmin setarena? That command set the pointd, the p1 and p2 commands are needed for plugin to get locations if you don't have worldedit.
  8. Now it does work, your instructions says to do /devadmin finish, my apologies.
  9. I might do a P.R changing that command to /devadmin setarenabounds to make it sound more correct.
  10. the plugin is no more updated. So i dont will update no more. Im working in the WorldMania plugin, io you want, check it on my page.
  11. I might update it a bit myself, I've already fixed a bug and I might continue.
  12. does this plugin work in 1.16
  13. I don't know, this plugin will not get updates anymore.