Diagnosing Server Crashes

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  1. Our server is crashing so frequently, I have needed to whitelist it to admins only or just keep it offline entirely. Players were starting to experience minor rollbacks with so many crashes and I am concerned about data loss or corruption. We went almost three months without a single crash and then moved to another server host, and the crashes began shortly thereafter.

    It crashes too fast for a crash report to be generated. It may stay online with zero issues or errors for a few hours...and then crash 6 times in a row. From the log below, I have deleted all but the startup, crash and shutdown data. Having looked at dozens of these line by line, I can find no correlation between players online, commands executed, plugin activity, etc. It's just entirely random and I cannot decipher what is happening, let alone fix it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. You might wanna take a look at this.
    java.lang.NullPointerException: The world was unloaded and the reference is unavailable
  3. I did see that but am not sure what it means or in what direction it should lead me in figuring out what is happening. :confused:

    I should note also that most of the crash logs do not include this. They almost always start with the thread dump.
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