Spigot Diamond Announcer 1.0

A plugin for HCF that broadcasts when you find diamonds.

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    Diamond Announcer - A plugin for HCF that broadcasts when you find diamonds.

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  2. How about gold and emeralds?
  3. Ill add that in. I didn't know that was in HCF xD.
  4. HCF? Id like to use it for my factions server :D
  5. You can use it for how ever you like. I usually see it on HCF xD. But pretty cool still.
  6. Can you add pearl cooldown and lock enderchest?
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  7. Im currently working on a plugin with many hcf features. I don't know how long till I finish. It needs to be perfect.
  8. How is this in anyway relevant to what this plugin does?

    "Diamond Announcer! Now with Pearl cooldowns and an enderchest lock".
    I'm not the author but yeah..
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  9. Yeah I wouldn't add those suggestions on this plugin. But I am working on a plugin that is gonna have them so i decided to answer him back.
  10. Maybe you can add config file where we can change block ids for broadcasting and custom broadcast message.
  11. Could you make name colors change? It is the color of a donator rank and it's quite confusing. Maybe make it same color as the grey text.
  12. Will this plugin differentiate silked ores as not found when players fortune them back at their base? So it does not say something like 300 diamond ores found?