Spigot Diamond Finder 2.2.1

Broadcast message when player found diamond(s)!

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    Diamond Finder - Broadcast message when player found diamond(s)!

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  2. Guys if you want some messages changed like other colors , feel free to say I will do that for you ^^
  3. very cool plugin.
    only missing feature is multi-language.
  4. Sure , tell me how you want to be message I will change and sent you custom version just for you :D
  5. would be really great.
    can you please do this one in german for our server:
    Code (Text):
    &f[&6Server&f] &b playername &7 hat gerade &b counter Diamanten &7gefunden.
  6. I have made it but I didn't know because "Diamanten" is singular or plural?
    You will have to send me whats the plural and singural for Diamond(s). Except if you want grammar mistakes... :p
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  7. Hello,

    Can you add Support for BungeeCord?
  8. Uhmm?? What do you mean?
  9. I want to see the Messages on another Server than the Server, were the Diamonds mined.
  10. Thats not possibleI think...