Spigot DiceEaster Eggs 2015 (1.7.x/1.8.x) 1.6

DiceEaster, Easter Eggs

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    DiceEaster Eggs 2015 - DiceEaster, Easter Eggs

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  2. How can i create a Bunny like on your ressource Photo? Plz PN
  3. Awesome plugin I love it.
    Can you add support for TitleBar?
  4. A update coming today with TitleBar and BarAPI. And the EasterBunny.
  5. In the video on the main page, when you walk over a egg is spams the chat, can u change is so it doesn't spam so much.
  6. the viedeo on the main is a old Version of 2014 he only spamm your chat when you place 2 eggs with a litle distance.

    You can use the TitleManager Mode.
    He doesnt spamm the chat.
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  8. Do you have a version that works for 1.7.9? I saw see that you have it for 1.7.2 would it work?
    Edit: It works perfect on 1.7.9 but I have question I'm using 1.7.2. The question that I have is what does the command /easter setwin <double> give? Like I put it to 50.0 and I put like 6 eggs around I collected them and when I finished setting that up I got like 10k so how could I fix that? Also I didn't added any other plugins do I need like the economy(Iconomy) plugin that you say is required?? I have vault and essentials.
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  9. Danke BukkitFAQ
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  10. Attention SPOILER

    My new Project adds Furniture to your server (No Mod).
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  11. Maximvdw


    anyway you can add an option to disable the scoreboard so I can add placeholders to FeatherBoard?
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    Update 1.5

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  13. The scoreboard can be disabled in the config.yml
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    thanks ;)
  15. any pictures?