did lush caves not generate in the first versions of 1.17 spigot ?

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  1. i realised i can't find any lush caves in my smp, that's been first running 1.17 spigot
  2. Is it correct to check for updates and ask questions?
  3. Yeah, there's no lush caves in vanilla generation until 1.18.
  4. what do you mean, i am asking because in the first chunks i have seen in this world there aren't any lush caves
  5. oh ok, didn't know that, thank you for informing me!
  6. To build on what DaniX said...
    Mojang decided to split the caves n cliffs update into 2.
    So 1.17 (part 1) had pretty much anything regarding generation stripped from it (ie: biome generation, ore distribution changes, cave generation changes, etc)

    1.18 (caves n cliffs part 2 - slated for release at the end of this year) will include the new cave and biome generation, new ore distribution, new world height limits, deeper caves, new entities, etc
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  7. If you do want the new 1.18 stuff, Mojang does have a datapack where you can play with new biomes/caves, but be aware they are changing.
  8. i thought the lush caves we're supposed to generate in 1.17, and not 1.18, but i was wrong. thank you for all the helpful information everyone
  9. ps: you can get the lush berries in minecart chests at mineshafts

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  10. Mojang are releasing 1.17 in 2 parts. Part two is coming later this year or next and will have the caves and stuff like that, you just need to wait a bit
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