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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    I'd like to draw your attention to two things which we have added to the forums recently. One of these is two factor authentication with Google Authenticator, the other is premium resources.

    For some users here, their Spigot account is quite a valuable thing as it is used for offering goods & services, releasing plugins used by thousands of users, and representing their server. We don't want to skimp on the security of these accounts, and as such we now have the option for all accounts to enable two factor authentication. This means that you will require a code from your mobile device each time you log in.

    From your account menu, click the two factor authentication button:
    Ensure that the use two factor authentication button is ticked, then save and click add new key:

    Enter a name for your device, and follow the instructions listed to enable two factor authentication:
    Now whenever you log in, you will be prompted to enter a code from one of your devices, enjoy the enhanced security!

    Premium resources are an addition to the XenForo resource manager, coded specifically for SpigotMC. They enable you to create paid resources with barely any work on your end. Simply enter your PayPal email, cost and upload a file, everything else is handled automatically.
    When choosing a category for your resource, you must place it in the premium category:

    From here, simply create the resource as you normally would, making sure you enter the cost, currency and your PayPal email address:
    Now, before anyone gets access to your resource downloads, they must send the cost of the resource to you via PayPal.

    We hope you enjoy these two systems, if you have any issues, let us know.

    PS: You can download the authenticator apps here:
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  2. Not exactly a fan of the paid resources, but I really like the new authentication system. Thanks for the awesome work, Spigot team!
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  3. I would use the authenticator, but I am always in and out on Spigot.
  4. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    You can set a cooldown period for code generation. This means that you can enter the code and then wait a few days before the code is asked again.
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  5. Ah, I wasn't sure if this was a feature or not. I may implement it soon. Thanks.
  6. Liking the new features :D Keep up the great work!
  7. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    Not sure how excited I am for paid resources, but the authentication thing looks cool! Nice work!

    PS: post more announcements. These are fun to read :p
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  8. Nice to hear about the authenticator.

    I dont like the idea of paid resources :eek:
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  9. Disc


    I'm wondering what kind of prices people will be charging for their resources now. Nevertheless is seems like a good idea and it supports the developers' hard work that they put into their resources.
  10. Tried to upload a .zip (My Front template) and it just gave me an error - Could not upload this file

    As far as this goes, I like it. Makes my life easier.
  11. Will updates for resources be available for free if you've already purchased these resources?
  12. CCT


    Thanks for adding dual factor authentication -- that's awesome.

    I find it a little odd that you added two factor authentication but don't use your CF SSL, though. :confused:
  13. Totally agree, you should get SSL :eek:
  14. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Main reasons:
    • Need XenForo 1.3 to be fully secure (mixed content) - we are working on this.
    • Some people still work / go to school in places which block https
    Its more the former issue we are dealing with, plus we want to move a lot of the static assets to S3. It will be coming soon, I'd say around June.
    Only new resources can be marked as premium.
  15. kevin.


    Pretty sweeet md_5!
  16. You could do something like nossl.spigotmc.org to give access to people still in places that block it. Or, you could have something fancy to detect if they block ssl, and if not then redirect to https, but always load by default on http.
  17. joehot200


    Sounds good. Except I dont have a phone :(, so how can I have one of those code thingies for 2-factor auth?

    Paid resources is very good. Maybe Spigot should take a 1% commission on each bought resource ;)..
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  18. Sounds pretty sweet!

    What cuts are taken out from the payment i.e paypal fees and other stuff?
  19. Kewl. Really like the idea of premium resources, but both things are awesome!
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