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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. So people are able to make paid resources now?
    I hate this idea to be honest..
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  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    None, its sent direct to your paypal.
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  3. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Then don't buy any.

    One of the big issues with BungeeCord has been the lack of decently coded, public plugins.
    I know I myself don't release public plugins anymore because it means a lot of work keeping them updated and supporting users. If the developer gets $15 or so from someone purchasing their plugin, then they are more inclined to release it publicly.

    Don't use the system if you don't want to, but I personally am hoping it will be a good incentive for developers to release and support high quality material.
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  4. Unless something has changed, you should be able generate 10 one-time backup codes. With a 30 day cooldown that is 300 days.

    Edit: Make sure you generate some more before the 300th day :p
  5. CCT


    Once you enable image proxying are the forums going to to https?
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  6. Because it's not like SSL will cri ever tiem it loads a sig.
  7. Bye free resources
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  8. PhanaticD


    Im wondering what will happen if someone uploads and sells someone elses work
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  9. So you're trying to improve the quality of software by basically encouraging them to make it closed source.
    Jesus fuck think about what you're doing.
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  10. The only problem I would for see is someone stealing resources from bukkit, or the free ones here, then uploading it as a paid one and making a nice profit without the true developer ever knowing.

    In accordance to that one person can buy a paid plugin then release it for free rendering the paid plugin useless and there really isn't any way to monitor that.

    I feel this would create more problems that it would help.

    On the other hand I completely agree that most developers want some sort of compensation for core bungee plugins, so I am conflicted....
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  11. I'm pretty sure that most of the people who would normally release a plugin for free will now take the opportunity of getting some extra cash by marking the plugin as "Premium".
    In theory the idea about having Premium resources is good but it seems like the majority who posted in this thread doesn't like it.
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  12. Also I think there needs to be guidelines set in place for people selling plugins.

    What are the rules about updating broken software, is it ok for a dev to upload an incomplete plugin or it to break in a few days and either not fix it or demand more money for an update.

    Seller (DEV)
    - Guidelines on maintaining the software.
    - Guidelines on what is a reasonable time frame to maintain the software.
    - Guidelines on prices for updates if required.
    - Guidelines on how long until they can "abandon" the project.
    - Guidelines on tracking who is using it, I assume if a big/popular closed source project is created to sell the dev may want to had some kind of licencing in it.
    - Guidelines on what level of complexity should a plugin be classed as premium.
    - Guidelines on theft and resale of other peoples works (like @PhanaticD has already stated)
    - Guidelines on misguiding information leading to sales.

    Buyer (Server Owner)
    - Guidelines on what is to be expected of the plugin.
    - Guidelines on transaction reversals.

    Add to the list if you can think of anymore, I just think if MD_5 wants to have a paid section there needs to be guidelines in place to protect the seller and buyer, other wise I think shit will hit the fan real quick.
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  13. As much as I personally dislike the concept of paid resources, I only think people will buy from trusted/reputated members, which are likely to create content worth some sort of price.

    I think it is a good addition to the community, as long as we stay mature about it.
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  14. I agree some can remain mature, but not everyone. One thing I can forsee that is highly troublesome is buying it through paypal, unlocking the download, downloading it, then disputing the transaction. There might be TOS here but it would create hell for the developer to deal with some kid who disputed it.
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  15. Forgot about disputes.
  16. Sorry if everybody hates me for this comment but paid resources

    +1 Bukkit - 0 Spigot

    I believe it should be enough with Donations.

    I have donated a few plugins already.
  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    So providing flexibility and freedom for plugin developers is now a bad thing? The vast majority will always be free resources, both here and on other sites. This isn't going to lead to free resources being paid, the goal is redistribution of existing private material.
    I suggest you take a look at other communities such as XenForo where this has worked tremendously well. No need to swear either.

    @Chalkie glad you mentioned that, part of enforcing that is that paid resources are moderated. Unfortunately there aren't any released at the moment, but once some are public we will adapt and release public guidelines.
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  18. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Can I also point out we have had paid resources since the resource manager opened, they just required an external payment gateway and were quite complicated. Only one or two plugins used that system.
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  19. If you say so, you are the boss man
  20. Yeah, I know that because I tried to upload a paid resource just for test sake but people will now most likely post paid resources after this announcement.
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