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  1. Not everyone pirates open source software. Time isn't free, and some of us respect that. I would have been happy to purchase plugins a year ago before I moved to mods.

    A few times a month I purchase some OpenCart extensions, even if there are free alternatives ones available. Usually the reason I do is because paid extensions are much more stable and usually update to the latest OpenCart much sooner. It is all about having the right tool for the job.

    Richard Stallman is a cool guy, but that doesn't mean the quality of my work (IRL job, not minecraft) is crap because I get a paycheck.
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  2. >Implying that will stop anyone
    If you close source it, people will decompile it
    If you request it will be hidden away, people will redistribute it
    If you implement licensing into it, people will null and crack it.

    Such is the way of life now. You get no gain other than people googling a little more.
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  3. The big problem here is that in Minecraft, nobody's used to the idea of buying code. It's all free...
    So, if a person does try to make something paid, if they're to get any money, they're gonna have to have a pretty darn good plugin. And then people will pay, and over time hopefully the quality of even the free plugins will feel the benefits.
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  4. I didn't imply anything. You are the one waving the "now it has to be closed-source" flag. I said (and you even quoted) that a resource can remain open and people who respect the time and effort would still purchase it.
  5. Ah I didn't see that part, then it would be better to add a donate button then to add a "pay for" version.
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  6. I can tell you that adding a donation button will not get you any money sans the 1 or 2 $20 donations a year from really nice people, even on larger projects. ObsidianDestroyer only started getting donations when I wrote very opinionated article about how selfish and entitled server owners are here: http://drtshock.net/post/72626657694/egotistical-server-owners
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  7. Great feature! I've already submitted my templates :) I think this is a positive move to encourage development over at Spigot, rather than BukkitDev. As long as developers don't get too greedy, it'll likely be very beneficial.
  8. Oh dear.. BananaRegion is the first paid resource on Spigotmc if you don't count with the TestPlugin..
    EDIT://BananaRegion is available on BukkitDev for free while Flubbyz3 is charging 2.5£ for downloading it from Spigotmc: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/bananaregion/

    Just awesome..
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  9. These resources are moderated. I think it was removed.
  10. Apparently not, or maybe they are but in a very lazy way..
    Point proven.
  11. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    He managed to submit it to the non premium category which isn't moderated, I disabled that earlier but he was too quick.
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  12. Huge fan of Paid Resources as a plugin developer.
  13. I can't help but laugh at this. I know him from a server, and well, let's just say he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He always wants to make money and scam people, thus the reason we staff did this to him on said server:
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  14. There are plugins I would be willing to pay for and with that I may actually ask a question when I have a problem, rather than moving on to a different solution. I release almost nothing publicly because of the support which may be required, this won't change that for me, but others may be willing to release more or take a more active role in updating if they start to see money.
  15. Nawh
  16. It was this flight: Flight ZB217 Faro, PT - LONDON Gatwick, GB
  17. I like the concept of Paid Plugins, but it would be nice to see something for developers to individually send a player a plugin, and they would have to pay for them to receive.

    I have ran into the issue multiple times where I make something and the user doesn't pay, this would be the perfect fix.
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  18. You know what I dont get?
    A few years ago people played Minecraft for fun. Made plugins for fun. For other users to have fun with.

    Its all about money now..
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  19. Not every paid resource has to be a plugin guys...
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