Did you know: Google Authenticator & Premium Resources

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. Ugh. I just.. I just give up.

    I can say, if i ever buy a plugin from here, which is highly unlikely. It will be decompiled and distributed.
  2. Yes, cause that's a really nice thing to do x)
  3. Look, the minecraft community is just thriving off of money now, md_5 has went from refusing donations to "donate then and you'll get these premium features"

    I'm sorry but if you don't want your content to get de-compiled and distributed. Don't request any payment for it and keep it open source. Putting barriers against this will just make people want to do it even more.
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  4. I know, I know. However: if you don't like the system, then just use it. Nobody is forcing you to purchase anything, nor did md_5 force you to donate.

    Saying that someone deserves to get their code stolen just because they want some money for their work is just bad, no matter how you look at it. If I were to upload a premium resource it would be something I had spent a really long time working on.

    Surely, some people just want to earn money, and that's the only thing they care about, but if they offer something that someone is ready to pay for, then it's fine by me.

    It's not like you can steal a TV from the store, just because they want you to pay for it, right? It's not the same, even I can see that; but it involves the same kind of morals.

    So, do as you wish, but think about it: if someone puts their time into making something, and then want some money for you to use their product, then is that really such a bad thing? I don't think so.
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  5. +1

    What md_5 basically said in the opening post:
    How 50% of the forum users comprehended that:

    Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
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  6. Hey so I have a question, if we buy a plugin do we have to pay for every update, or is it one time only payment?
  7. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    One time.
  8. Yeah developers, make the plugins free and go starve because we don't feel like paying you for your hard work and you can live off of donations, so put all that hard work into making a nice plugins and have servers make thousands off of it, but make sure not to get credit or money or anything off of it.

    Seriously, what's the problem with developers wanting profit for their work? It's like the same thing as making a movie or music.
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  9. yup - time isn't free
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  10. Then what is the point of making private plugins? The time rquired too make some of these plugins is too much. It makes no sense too give it away for free...
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  11. Awesome.
  12. ZachBora


    If I had received 1$ each time someone downloaded PlotMe I'd be rich. But I think its more like 5 cents.
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  13. This is a great idea. Hopefully I could try it out sometime!
  14. I appreciate the google authentication.
  15. What if I have a windows phone?
  16. jflory7

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    Google Authenticator currently is not supported for Windows Phone.
  17. What about a landline?
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  18. Fantastic idea with premium resources. Hopefully it will drive some developers over here to do some cool work :)
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  19. If someone paid to get a custom, unique plugin for his server, why would he give it away for free?
  20. Is there a limit to how much a plugin dev can charge for these plugins? It seems like there should be at least a cap of some sort.
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