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  1. Is there a way to create a empty world for parkour, skywars, skyblock etc.

    What are cosmetic plugins that are used to sell cosmetics to players

    Is there an updated plugin of deathrun, I could not find any updated versions of it.

    what are some per world plugins
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  2. Hi.
    I found using works really well to create empty worlds.
    Cosmetic Plugins: and

    Unfortunately, There wasn't any deathrun plugin that I found was updated to the latest. Maybe someone can make that happen.

    Per World Chat plugins operates when you have more than 1 world it'll display only the chat on the world you're in. If you're in world1, you will only see chat from world1, not from world2 or world3.
  3. thank you for the plugin links, I meant what are some per world chat plugins. Sorry for the very long typo, I fixed it.