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  1. My son is experimenting with different versions of Minecraft Servers. Is it possible under BungeeCord to run is normal servers Bungee and 4 Spigot with a Forge Server.

    This to me is more of a feature request for Bungee.

    If a user logs on with a regular minecraft client, they can go to the Generic Servers. If they logon with a client with the Forge Mod, they would be able to access the Forge Server.

    I assume that the logic must be in place somewhere already since you can't use a standard client with a Forge Server. A simple flag in the server config like server-type: {Forge Standard Tekkit}, would redirect the client.

    I know this isn't said enough to the people who do the work on the projects, I personally appreciate all the efforts of the Bungee and Spigot staff and look forward to the future.
  2. I looked at that, but that seems to be more for than the versions. I'm looking at Forge, Tekkit, Vanilla, and Bukkit type of scenario.
  3. Well, here's the thing : with a tekkit client, you won't be able to connect to forge servers because you won't have all the mods. So in the end, it's pretty useless to have such a network until there is a way to "send" mods to minecraft clients.
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