Different texture for each block data

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  1. Hello,

    Let's say I have a block which is ID 40 (red mushroom). Now, when I set the block data to 40:1, is there a way I can set a texture for that using a resource pack?

    40:1 is no block in Minecraft, so I was wondering if this is possible.

    Thank you,
  2. I don't think that is possible o_O, maby only if you create a new mod.
  3. Don't think there is anyway to do that via the Spigot API, sorry!

    You could always change the texture of blocks you're never going to use in your server, and set that as the server texture pack.

    Otherwise there is no other way. Sorry.
  4. Yes, it is possible.
    look at this, the resource pack maker is using empty blocks 40:1 to make another blocks with textures.
    This is awesome
    Also he is using different biomes to change the blocks, i mean he made rope with string and etc...
    so, it's posible.
  5. I read that in the 1.9 you'll have the possibility to change the texture per damage value in the resourcepacks so that could be usefull for you.
  6. public static ItemStack create(Material material, int amount, byte data, String displayname, String lore1, String lore2, String lore3, String lore4)
    ItemStack item = new MaterialData(material, data).toItemStack(amount);

    ItemMeta itemMeta = item.getItemMeta();
    ArrayList lore = new ArrayList();

    if (displayname != null) {

    if (lore1 != null) {
    if (lore2 != null) {
    if (lore3 != null) {
    if (lore4 != null) {


    return item;
    I always use this code.
  7. Hahahahaha this make me laugh, this has no sense. It's not even related with the theme of the question, I think you only read the first 10 words.
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  8. I think its possible (there's a plugin that allows you to paint blocks give me a sec to find it).

    Edit: This is what I found. I'm not too sure how it works (I can't look at the source right now), but it may be worthwhile to check out.
  9. Oh gosh that would be so convenient.
  10. Thank you, will take a look at that.
  11. This requires client mod i think..
  12. No it doesn't.
  13. Makes use of Armor Stands and carpet so this is unfortunately not my solution.
  14. I read that an individual texture for unused block metadata was removed in 1.8. :-(