Spigot Dimensions | Custom Portals 2.0.7

Allow players to easily build portals to another world

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    Dimensions | Custom Portals - Allow players to easily build portals to another world

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  2. can you add a small platform for each portal so that people will not fall into void accidentally when they go to my Skylands world??
  3. that is already implemented into the plugin :p
    if you have world type set to sky, spawn on air enabled or player spawns in a non-solid block it will create a small platform just like nether portal does
  4. Ohh... Thanks
  5. Ok, thank you for responding.
    I'll keep an eye out for any updates

    thx again.
  6. update
  7. Hey I saw someone mention this plugin, and how it doesn't work on 1.13+
    I noticed you stopped developing.
    Would you be willing to open source your code?
  8. Hello, yes I stopped developing mc plugin even though I started recoding it. Someone already asked me for the source code but he didn't do much yet and I think he abandoned it. Also I should mention that I was new when I coded Dimensions and the code is just a mess, full of repetitive code and the part for the portal is just a copy paste section. If you want I can send it to you, but you will have to do most parts on your own
  9. Would you be willing to post it on GitHub?
    Just makes it an easier place to open the source code and make sure its public that you have posted it.
    In the random event I took your code, edited it, and (NOT saying you would do this) but if you tried to come after me and DMCA me saying i dont have rights to it, GitHub would prove that.
  10. Yeah but later, in about 8 hours.
  11. Thats totally cool Im in absolutely no rush.

    Thank you very much :)
  12. so yeah... here it is. I started re-coding the whole stuff but havent gone far. if you want anyone else on your group for this project, i'd be glad to help you.
  13. Can you make it support 1.13?
  14. I actually stopped updating this plugin again. I might start again this summer. So maybe I will. But don't expect it to come anytime soon.
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  15. please update the plugin for 1.14 :D