Direct download link for newest Spigot build?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Darkhand81, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Is there a direct download link that will always provide the newest successful Spigot build? Looking to be able to wget the newest build through a script for easy upgrading.

  2. md_5

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  3. Great! Thank you :)
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  4. That link is listed once on this whole page.... -.-
  5. Once is more than enough. U expect that it will be listed 99 times?
  6. You just posted it... that's what i meant... until you previous post there was not a link to that...
  7. Is there a direct download link to the latest Recommended build?
  8. SuperSpyTX


    How about just use the ones I just created for everybody to use: - Latest Recommended Build (735) - Latest Successful Build

    These go directly to md_5's CI and not through my actual host (I'm simply a redirect). You can check for yourself.
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  9. jeff142


    indeed nice url's
  10. Is there a direct link for the latest Recommended Build?
    I'm aware of the direct link for latest/stable builds, but I need the perm link for the RB builds. :s
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    Maybe because this thread is months old.. ._.