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    I have run a few minecraft servers over the years. Im not super smart but i can figure things out generally. For the most part my conclusions are based on google results, threads, experience.

    I'm probably going to open a 1.13 server for my peoples. I understand that no one knows when it will release and that spigot doesnt do pre releases etc. But I also have, in comparison to die hard minecraft people, such a poor frame of reference. I lack the insights and experience and knowledge to make any kind of educated guesses, figure a time frame, or a plan of attack for my goals. So i would like to lay out a series of questions in the hopes that people with a better idea could give me some direction:

    1.13 release: They're 5 pre releases deep and from what i can see, it looks like there are quite a number of existing bugs as well as new bugs added in prereleases which would suggest it could be some time before a release actually occurs. On the other hand, people seem to be hung up on the fact that a pre release should, by definition, be a product the company was prepared to release as it. after looking at the time lines of other versions featuring multiple pre releases and large technical updates, all i can figure is that every day has a 50% chance of being "release day". As a result I check google every day to see if it has dropped. Ive been doing it for a month. I want to stop. So my first concern, can anyone estimate when they believe this update might truly drop? Is it realistic to expect them to spend another month ironing out bugs, or is it more likely they would push it within a week or 2 as it is? I understand no one knows for sure- i just need a point of view from someone(s) with more of a grasp on the minecraft universe than i have. Can it drop any day, or is it still weeks off?

    Spigot/paper/theotherone: I understand that theres a few "platforms" or whatever you call em, im only familiar with spigot and i guess bukkit used to be one? that whole bukkit into spigot era confused me it was some kind of legal madness. So i figure i would use spigot once again as i am familiar with it. But i am curious if i should consider paper or the other one i cant remember its name. And that leads me to the versioning. Ill be using one of these platform things regardless and i think they all rely on the same underlying thing, right, so my concern for this is what kind of time frame should i expect from release of 1.13 and release of a stable spigot/otherwise? I know the default answer is "when its ready" but my frame of reference is so poor that i do not know if that implies hours, days, weeks, months, or longer. What kind of non-binding estimate could be made for the amount of time itl take for spigot to release following the release of 1.13?

    Plugin updates: As a result of what i believe is big time changes, i figure many plugins will need updates, maybe even ones that previously were unaffected by smaller game updates? How realistic is it to expect old or even abandoned plugins to receive updates? Will plugin authors not be able to work on updates until after spigot 1.13 is released, or are tools currently available that allow developers to work on their plugins in anticipation of 1.13? Again i understand that no one can give an actual timeframe beyond "when its ready" but i lack the frame of reference to understand it with clarity. To what degree should i expect old plugins to require updating as a result of 1.13's changes? Will there still be any old plugins that work without update or is 1.13's changes so drastic that everything will become incompatible? I would refer to plugins like serverlistplus, deathmessagesprime, dynmap, or cleanlight as examples of older stuff i am unsure would be affected. I understand that only the author of those plugins can speak for those specific instances, but i ask in a more general sense if things of this nature are expected to break, or only plugins that interact with aspects of the game that were physically altered in 1.13.

    My role: What, if anything, can i do in the interim to work toward my end goal? Are my goals too reliant on software that is not yet available for me to make any progress toward setting up this 1.13 server? Is there anything i can be doing in the time before 1.13 and spigot 1.13 release for my future server or should i just observe and wait until both 1.13 and spigot release to start setting up a server?

    Thanks in advance. I hope i have framed my needs appropriately. I seek direction regarding what to expect and what i should be doing right now, in anticipation of the future 1.13 release.
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  2. Heya,

    I first want to say: wow... You're so open about yourself on a website of strangers, I respect that deeply. But please don't be so harsh on yourself, there're greater and more important things than Minecraft.

    1.13 Release:

    No one except the developers of Minecraft are able to answer this question correctly. Nevertheless we do have some information. The Minecraft Wiki states:

    "1.13, (...) is an upcoming major update to Java Edition planned to be released in 2018. (...) Initially, 1.13 was scheduled to be released on May 30, 2018. However, the release was later pushed back to an undetermined date to fix critical bugs."

    With the Wiki also stating that:

    "Planned release date:
    Late July, 2018"

    With Pre-Release v6 dropping about 1 hour ago and just looking at the amount of bugs fixed and reported I guess late July could work but I have my doubts about it. I would recommend checking Dinnerbone's Twitter for updates and information about the update.


    If you're confident with Spigot and don't run into any problems with it, stay with it. No need for a change. My guess (by looking at previous releases) it will take up to a week for a Spigot build to be publicly available. I'm however not a (Spigot) developer so don't have your hopes up.


    I think only some plugins will need updates to at least work on 1.13 because, at least that's what I would guess. Updating old and abandoned plugins is completely up to the developer but if the source code is publicly available you can pay someone to have it updated to 1.13. Spigot developers will only be able to work on updating their plugins to 1.13 when Spigot releases it API for it (I guess? I'm not a dev).

    Your Role:

    You are able to do loads of work before 1.13 hits. Of course things like: searching for a host, thinking about a name, thinking about how your server is going to work et cetera. I would guess most 1.12.X plugins will work fine on 1.13 so you can always begin with the basis of your server and work on special things when 1.13 has dropped.

    Good luck!
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