Disable ALL entities's collision

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  1. Hello, i'm running a server with my friends and we all use cow/chicken breeders and blaze xp farms, the problem we have right now is that when X amount of monsters are on the same block they start to die.
    For example, when breeding cows half of them die because of too much monsters on the same block.
    Same for blaze farm, can have more than 20 blazes because they will start to receive dmg.

    I want to disable ALL collision.

    Tried with the team thing, but i can't just sit and spamm that every time i breed my cows or every time a blaze is spawned.

    Hope you can help me with this, i searched a lot on google, and forums but i can't find any way to solve this.
    Saw a lot of plugins that remove only player's collision, but as i said i need to remove all entities's collision.
  2. Hi, sry for double post.
    Tried with spigot's api. I only know the basics about java and i don't understand how to make a plugin that disables collision for all entities.

    Hope you can help me. I don't want to write a plugin, i need to disable entity collision, if i have to write a plugin i will but idk how :D.

    Thank you
  3. Up, still need help
  4. You can use the NoCollision plugin ( i dont know how is it exactly called tho )
  5. As said it only disables player's collision. I need to disable ALL.