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  1. Hey All,

    got some strange situation.
    When i'm vanished on a server and in the TAB list players can still see if i'm online true AutoCompletions.

    when they chat and press a M followd by tab you can cycle true all the online players even when you are hidden.

    Is there any option to hide also from this list or to disable the auto completion for non admin users?

    thnx for the reply
  2. You would have to install on every spigot server.
  3. Or if you you want to code your own Plugin, you must call and cancel the PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent.
    But if you want to set it globally, you must place this Plugin on all Servers :/
  4. Well let me say it again.
    Its not working on a bungeecord network, even when i put the JAR file on the spigot and bungeecord server

    When i'm connecting directly to one server and trying to use tabcompletion i get a error messages
    [18:43:49 ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent to NoTab vAlpha 0.1.8

    let me give some short overview of the test network i'm using

    1 bungeecord ( latest version )
    1 spigot (1.12.1 latest build)

    Can sameone tell me how to fix this ?