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  1. Hello, i want to disable collision on the server (players, monsters, carts, etc). How do i do that? i searched in google and didn't find anything about it, tried with plugins but all they do is disable it only for players.

    I tried with the team thing but i have to do that for every monster / player and it's annoying as hell. I mean, i have friends with cow breeders in 1x1 block that when he breeds them new cows have collision set to true.

    Hope you can help me with this.
  2. What server version are you using? I assume 1.9?
  3. Sry, i'm using the latest version. 1.11.2, i read somewhere that they removed entity collision but i don't think so. Because in my cow breeder when it reaches more than 2x cows they will start to receive damage until 1 die.
    Same for chicken breeder.
    Same for Blaze Mob Farm.
    It stops if i use the team thing to disable their collision, the problem is that it works only for the cows that are already summoned. I want to disable collision for all entities.

    (it's a server i'm running with my friends only for us, 3-4 guys)

    Thanks for the answer, and again. Sry for not giving that information before
  4. I think PVP manager has an option for that
  5. If you don't like the 1.9 PVP system and want to remove the collision I recommend using 1.8 PvP plugin or use the No Collision plugin if you want the 1.9 PvP system to stay
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  6. Hi, thanks for the answer guys. But as i said on first post:

    I want to disable ALL collisions on the server, not only players one.

    And i never mentioned PVP system, but thanks anyway