Disable commands in Bungee?

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  1. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right board for this, but how can I disable commands in bungee, I know you used to be able to, But it seems as if it was removed, I have a commandhelper script that conflicts with /alert. If there is no way to fix this I could try to remove the command from bungee's code, but that seems unlogical, Thanks!
  2. There are currently no way of removing/disabling the command without changing the source.

    md_5 bring back disabled commands? :D
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  3. Instead of modifying Bungee (which would be overkill), wouldn't it be simpler to change your CommandHelper script?
  4. BungeeCord intercepts the commands before the server.
  5. Yes. However, CommandHelper is only used to create command aliases and macros. I can't see why OP couldn't just change his conflicting /alert alias to be a command that isn't used by BungeeCord (/myalert or /warning or /xyzzy).

    I realise this would be mildly annoying for OP, but surely less annoying than maintaining a modified version of Bungee just for this small change.
  6. Meh. I see what you are saying.
  7. I would do this, But everyone seems to be used to the command. So I'll just see if md_5 adds the feature back.
  8. yeah, that would be nice, i want to make a own /server command. We soled this now by using /servername
  9. I edited Bungeecord for you :)
    It took me like 3 minutes to edit.
    I changed /alert to /bungeebroadcast and the permission node is bungeecord.command.bungeebroadcast
    Download Link: don't post unofficial builds in public

    If there is any bug, tell me to fix it
    Warning: This is an unofficial build which means that it's Bungeecord, but it's edited by someone else. If this Bungeecord has some bugs (which it doesn't at the moment), don't complaint at the forums.
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  10. Don't post links to unofficial builds. nhadobas LiLChris
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  11. Changed that. I warned that this is an unofficial build.
  12. I appreciate this, however considering this thread is significantly old and BungeeCord now has the feature natively I do not really see the purpose. Thanks though!
  13. In the config, there is a disable command feature! (I'm not sure is if its been said before...)
    Oh and i know that this a year old :D