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  1. Hi,

    I have 10 servers connected to the proxy,
    I take 3 servers as example.
    -IP:25565 = Proxy
    -IP:25566= Lobby
    -IP:25567 = A game

    When players connecting to the proxy the will join the lobby server,
    The have to login/register on the lobby server before they can do anything.
    BUT when people join direct to IP:25567 they don't have to login and they can use any username they want.

    Is it possible to disable direct join on the other servers so players can only join that server with the proxy?

    Kind regards,
  2. Um, why would you give people the ip to the direct server? Why not only release the proxy ip, then put the lobby & game on some odd port people would never guess like 27763 or something lol.

    But relating to your question, yes there are ways to do that, for example this plugin http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/onlyproxyjoin.28/

    Ive never used it but from its description it seems to do exactly what you want lol.
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  3. Such plugin is simple to develop so yes ist just block all players which does not connect over the proxy ip. The only problem is that if you use the feature from spigot to forward the real player ip to the server no player will be able to join!

    And the solution with a "secret" port is not really safe, just run one port scanner and you have the ports...

    The only secure way (of course if you don't want to use the feature from spigot with the ip forwarding you can just use this plugin...) is to block all connections to this ports except the ip from the proxy in the firewall of your root server. this is explaint at the BungeeCord Main Page.

    Hope I could help ;)
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  4. Reiterating what has been said: AppleNick Do not rely on a 'secret' port for security. Please!

    The solution is to simply not open up the ports for the other servers in your firewall (it looks like all the Spigot servers are on the same server). Only have the proxy port exposed to the outside world.
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  5. Simply bind the Minecraft servers to This way, the actual minecraft server will only be accessable from the box the server is on.

    This will only work if all of your servers and your Bungee are on one box. If you have them spread out across multiple boxes, you will need to play around with iptables or use the plugin linked above.
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  6. Hi, I just closed port 25567 But now i can't join in both ways not in the server and not direct.
  7. In your Bungee config set the server address (it's connecting to) to
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  8. Thx this worked! Really thanks!
  9. :eek:
    Um, I need to go and change my bungee cord layout XD
    Thanks for the advice!