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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Development' started by Breadcycle44, Jul 19, 2021.

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  1. I want to disable join messages through Bungee so I don't have to upload a plugin to each and every server just to disable this (it will become a huge mess). I can't figure out how though (and I've been looking online for quite a while), anyone have any ideas how I could get this feature working on Bungee?
  2. I do not think thats possible.
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  3. Some peeps think that the Bungee is some sort of magic tool.
    If a plugin in a sever says 'Hey, I will announce the join message' there is very little that the Bungee can do.

    Most of these messages come from the Player server, as that is where the 'player' server becomes aware of a player.
    So, the question should be.., which of my plugins are announcing the join event?
    and have you configured them? (Can they be configured?)

    You have not stated where the messages occur, in the log, or in the players chat, or in both?
  4. #setJoinMessage("") Will make it blank but there is no way to disable it I don't think
  5. Thats only possible on spigot. You can use event.setJoinMessage(null) to disable it.
  6. Well, thanks for the responses.

    I was only asking if there was any way to do this. Apparently you can't, problem solved.

    I was asking about the vanilla messages.
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