Disable "player has made the advancement"

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  1. Hi ! :D

    When a player has an advancement, it says in the tchat : "player has made the advancement".
    How can I disable it ?

    Thanks !
  2. Hi

    /gamerule announceAdvancements false

    You have to do it in each world.

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  3. Strange, I've done this but they're still appearing.
  4. You have to do it in every world, i think.
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  5. There should be an option in the server.properties to disable that.
  6. Yeah thanks, that fixed it
  7. You must do this in each world.
  8. I think something like that is coming, but 1.12 is not more than a few days old... Give the developers a bit time :D
  9. it was already added by Mojang, as what the release notes says.
  10. thx u so much :D
  11. I've been trying to figure this out for, what, close to a month now?? Thank you so much.
  12. No problem, and I still miss a feature for that in the server.properties.
  13. server.properties

  14. Did you just really answer a post from 3 years ago?