Disable players to join while game is running

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  1. Question is above. I have premium bungee plugin and i need that, the player will be kicked / not joined to server if the game is in progress. How to do that ?
  2. Use PlayerPreJoinEvent on spigot, and on Bungeecord ServerSwitchEvent I believe
  3. Code (Text):
    public void cancelJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
    // Check if Game has started already.
    event.getPlayer().kickPlayer("Your kick message here.");
    You should use this code.
  4. Mas


    That's a bad way to do it. You should listen to PlayerLoginEvent then set the result to KICK_OTHER with whatever kick message you want.
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  5. I don't see any problems with this, it instantly activates the event and kicks the player.
  6. Mas


    How is that any better than just cancelling the LoginEvent? Your "solution" has flaws whereas the appropriate way does not.
  7. You're actually right, this method registers the player already in the server/game before it gets kicked. Because it's listening to join, and when the player is in the server (joined) then the event will activate. And that's too late, not a good solution.

    Excuse me.
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  8. Sigh...
    Don't use PlayerLoginEvent or PlayerJoinEvent. Both are bad if you want to kick them straight afterwards just to check if server/game is running...
    //Don't give advice if you can't give good advice...
  9. I just forgot that PlayerPreLoginEvent event exist.

    Excuse me again.
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  10. Lol I said it before you...
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  11. Isnt much easier to use a boolean and playerpreloginevent? Also excuse and correct me, please.. If i am mistaking
  12. Mas


    Their is no difference between using either PreLoginEvent or LoginEvent in this case.

    Don't look down on other's advice because you think your solution is better and for some reason like to comment forum posts not realizing it's making them you look really strange ;)
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  13. AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent *
  14. Make yourself a favor and recode your projects according to Java conventions ;)

    And don't tell other users their code is bad when yours one has newbie mistakes :)
  15. Sure?

    This event stores the following data:
    • result: Is the player allowed to login? (default "Allowed")
    • message: message to display on "kick"
    • name: Users name attempting to login
    • ipAddress: Address of user trying to login
    This is not a "player" event, and as such .getPlayer() doesn't exist.

    Now here's what I've been finding people do wrong, in my opinion. People use PlayerLogin as a place to set player information. Now, I could say this is alright, except that I must say this is completely wrong for you to do. This event should be used to validate the players login, and apply permissions to a player. What you should not try to do is set player information (eg: DisplayName). Yes, it is a convenient place for you to set the display name, but you should do this in the PlayerJoinEvent, where the player actually joins the server.
    The following data is stored:
    • Player: the player logging in
    • result: The result of login
      • ALLOWED
      • KICK_FULL (server full)
      • KICK_BANNED (banned ip/name)
      • KICK_WHITELIST (not on whitelist)
      • KICK_OTHER (other, can set by plugins)
    • message: The message to display on "kick
    This is where you should play around with the player information. Data stored:
    • Player: The player joining
    • Message: the message to broadcast on join. (set to null for no message)

    @darkshadow22mc Sssst :p I was on my mobile okay :p
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  16. So I should do it via PlayerJoinEvent?
  17. PlayerLoginEvent, look at the reply of @TheBlackTeddy above your reply.
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  18. AsyncPlayerPreLoginButBeforeJoiningAndAfterConnectingEvent
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Use the AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent.
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