Disable tab completion for /ver

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  1. Can you disable tabcompletion for the /ver command. Preferably without Protocollib, I rather have no dependencies.

    Can someone help me?
  2. Actually you could use this event: PlayerChatTabCompleteEvent and you clear the completions
  3. Does that also work for commands?

    EDIT: Nope it doesnt @Phloxz
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  4. Otherwise, you could also set the tab complete in your spigot.yml to a high value

    Path: Spigot.yml ->
    tab-complete: 0

    change 0 to something like 99999
  5. Isn't it possible using code?
  6. Actually you can,

    Code (Text):

    SpigotConfig.tabComplete = 99999;
  7. I could not find this class?
  8. Which version do you use of spigot ?
    Its under "org.spigotmc"

  9. Great thanks. Is there a way to send custom feedback?
  10. Eh all i know is that you could just add tab completions but not sure if that works for commands then too
  11. Not if you don't register the command tho. :)

    Probably using protocollib anyway then.
  12. Try to look the HideAndCustomPlugin sourcecode. The plugin block /ver [tab]
  13. Yes but doesnt give the possibility for custom returns