Spigot DisableTopOfNether 1.8

Disable players from building/accessing on top of the nether

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    DisableTopOfNether - Disable players from building on top of the nether

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  2. Cool Plugin xD
    Could you add a bypass permision? so may u can allow it just to signle groups or admins?
  3. Sure, Ill add it right now :)
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  4. WoW that was a fast reaction :D
    1.2 works like a charm now :)
  5. Let me know if you think of anymore things I should add in :)
  6. Ill add these into the next update, which will be tomorrow (11th May). Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. If u want to disable a plugin then u can unload it. if it has a enable/disable option (like this plugin in its config) this would need a command (with permission) to enable/disable it ingame or from console. -> Only Then this "enable/disablewholepluginthing" would made sense.

    Here some ideas - i dont know if its possible to manage - but ideas are like suggestions ;)

    Ideas for 1.3: (dont forget to scroll :D)
    Code (Text):
    - Option to teleport the player to the Overworldspawn
        (not by command -> instead of command) This also would allow the owners
         to set an extra execute command when someone tried it ;) - like taking away
        100 money..for example) [why? - some servers have no spawncommand - that easy ;) -
         Teleporation also just can teleport the player in one dimension becasue minecrafts
         tps command has no "world-value"]

    - The Message should have a cordsplacholder
         so you can inform the Player: "You not allowed to Enter the TopOftheNether.
         So we teleported you to spawn. Your Loaction in Nether was 'X' 'Y' 'Z'."
         Now the player has the change to get back in nether where he was "without"
         gliching to the netherrrof this time ;) The Placeholder: X, Y, Z should be the
         values where the player was.

    - The placeholder %N% - For better inchat design
       if you wanne write more then one line to the player :)

    - Enable/Disable option for each Interaction with the player (see in example config)

    - Delete the frist two lines Config and Settings in config.yml
         Are these lines really needed? not really - we open the config.yml to edit the
         settings of a plugin. what else should be in a config.yml if not the settings?

    - Add a command (with permission) for the mainplugin enable/disable option
         (turn on or turn off the plugin) Otherwise this option in the config is out of sense
         (if i need to load a plugin to tell the server its not enabled? Normaly an option like
         this is for disabling it via command if u need to set something up, check for errors
         or turn it off for a moment for event, etc..)

    How the default config could look after all these changes:

    Code (Text):
    Enable: true
    NetherWorld: world_nether
    TopNetherHeight: 127
    Prefix: 'refix: '&9[&cDisableTopOfNether&9]'
      Enable: true
      Message: '&cShould you be up here &b%player%&c? &aTeleporting back to spawn!%N%You location in Nether was &b%X%&a,&b%Y%&a,&b%Z%&a.' #use %N%to start a new line.
      Enable: false
      World: world
      X: 0.00
      Y: 0.00
      Z: 0.00
      Pitch: 0.00
      Yaw: 0.00
      Enable: true
      Command: spawn %player%
    Note: this is a repost because u answered quicker then i could edit my 2nd idea for it *g*
    i deleted the frist old post ;)
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    Big Update!

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  9. Great work! cant say it often enough :D

    Note: u should change something in the decription ;)
    currently its:
    Code (Text):
    disabletopofnether.commands #Bypass the teleportation
    disabletopofnether.bypass #Use the commands
  10. Whoops, fixed now. Thanks.
  11. Ideas for 1.4
    i see more and more servers working with the displayed names instead of the playername. (nick commands)
    Code (Text):
    - add the placeholder %displayplayer% (or is it %displayname%?)

    - a 4th option. an optional broadcast that informs all
       players that are online, something like: '%displayplayer%
       tried to get to the top of the nether.'

    - command to enable/disable the broadcast ;)

    - multicommand support for the run command if the owner
      wants to execute more then one command.

    how this could look in the config:
    Code (Text):
      Enable: true
      BroadCastPrefix: '&9[&cDisableTopOfNether&9]'
      Message: '&e%displayplayer% &ctried to get to the Top of the Nether.'

      Enable: true
      - spawn %player%
      - another command
    why the special broadcastprefix? Some servers have their own "prefix" for broadcasts (like: Info) and wanne design the chat like that too, but still wanne use the plugins own prefix for the playermeassages. Example:
    the player that tried to get to nether get: [WARNING] text
    and the broadcast sais [Info] Text
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  12. Ill add these in the next version, I'll upload it tomorrow.
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    Update 1.4

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  14. Handy plugin dude :)
  15. Thanks! :)