Disabling natural Mob Spawners!

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  1. Hello Spigot Community, i am looking for a plugin or a way that will delete a natural mob spawners found in dungeons, mine shafts and them mossy stone places. Any advice ?!

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  2. This is old but I need this as well.
  3. CMI can search your entire world and remove items by Item #'s. It's Premium though.
  4. Didn't want to use CMI as it has some useless features that I don't need. It has like essentials built into it.
  5. ...keep looking then.....
  6. You can disable blocks in WorldGuard but it will take some reading. Actually if you disable all Spawners, that would be a easy blacklist.
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  7. I've found a way :) it's in the bukkit.yml, you need to turn the spawning thing all to 0. You can see it in the first few lines