Disabling NETTY in McMyAdmin ?

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  1. I have this problem on my server that potion effects is acting veery strange and i found this post
    And to disable NETTY that is supposed to fix this problem i need to add
    -Dorg.spigotmc.netty.disabled=true to my startupscript

    anyone know where the startupscript can be found in McMyAdmin ?
  2. md_5

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    That issue should be fixed
  3. running the lates Build of Spigot and the potion is still flickering

    found out how to disable netty on my testserver that dose not run McMyAdmin
    and after i did that it worked .. so i guess it is not fixed ..

    wuld be nice if i dont need to disable it

    i have tested with Craftbukkit and it works without any problem there !

    Spigot Build: 903
    Crafbukkit: 2783
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