Disabling structure saving

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    Disabling structure saving

    Disabling Structure Saving

    Disabling structures such as witch huts, nether fortresses and strongholds


    If you are experiencing lag during world saves, you may need to disable structure saving. Disabling structure saving is also recommended for those who use new 1.7 maps.

    There are, however, pros and cons with disabling structure saving, as described below.


    • Saving will not cause lag, resulting in faster saves that do not temporarily pause the server
    • Less resources are idly used.


    • Witches will not spawn in their huts
    • Wither skeletons will not spawn in nether fortresses
    • Ender eyes will not point to strongholds
    • Iron golems will no longer spawn in villages
    • Potentially other yet to find issues


    To disable the structure saving, please follow the information provided below;
    1. Ensure that your server is off
    2. Open your spigot.yml file for editing. This can be found within the server's root directory
    3. Change the boolean save-structure-info to false
    4. After disabling save-structure-info, you need to move or delete Fortress.dat, Mineshaft.dat, Stronghold.dat, Temple.dat, and Village.dat from each of your worlds' /data folders
    5. Restart your server
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    Added Pro #2, Con #4 and swapped the last two instructions around to prevent possible crashes (due to session.lock corruption, I had this while testing #4).
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    Thanks, that's a brilliant addition!
  4. ".... Change the boolean structure-savingto false
    After disabling save-structure-info ...."

    I have disabled "save-structure-info" but villages.dat always comes back. (yes the Server was offline). "structure-saving" Is not given in config.
  5. If I remove the whole "data" folder, and it doesnt comes back, but there had to be a place for the ingamemaps.
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    As I said in the thread, I wasn't able to replicate your issue both on an old build and still couldnt find it on 1187.
  7. Just typ /save-all with a created empty data folder ("data" creates after every start).
    It will creates the villages.dat! I think thats the porblem. We run "save-all" every 15 minutes.
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  8. When a spigot.yml is freshly generated, the option is there, and set to true by default.
    From my past experiences, if a plugin, or in this case Spigot, does not find the option in the config, it assumes default status.
    You will need to backup your spigot.yml, generate a new spigot.yml (by deleting or moving your old spigot.yml) and compare the differences with the backup. Make necessary changes, start server.
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    The lower case villagers. Dat is something different and not an issue.
  10. If I disable save-structure-info on an new generated 1.7 map will witches also not spawn in the witch huts or will they only not spawn if the world was generated in 1.6?
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    They will only not spawn if its a 1.6 map
  12. I know im gravedigging here but are the cons still the same on this on 1.11+? Im having issues with regenerating my world and the structure datas interfering so turning structure saving off might help that case. But eyes of ender not working and witherskeletons not spawning is sort of a deal breaker

    For reference if anyone is interested:

    Edit: i did some tests and Wither skeletons DO spawn, enderpearls still lead to Fortress. Ill do some more tests.
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  13. This is helpful, thank you.