Suggestion Disallow users to *pay* for a fix

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  1. There are users that post their errors and want a fix immediately. These users post in "Bugs & Feature Requests." Users that want a fix immediately usually say that they will pay you if you were to fix their error. This isn't even what this section is for. In these threads, users will post anything to try to get the money. Even if it is irrelevant.

    I say that we should disallow these threads and this should be a rule.
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  2. Put a yes or no poll to this.
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  3. md_5

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    Or more specifically it should be required that the fix is immediately submitted upstream.
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  4. jflory7

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    From my perspective, this is already against the rules because anything relating to real-world currency should be strictly left to the Services & Recruitment forum and premium resources.
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  5. I think people should just help out of the kindness of their heart. (Ahh haha haha)
  6. saphiria


    I agree. These things annoy me a lot.
  7. I would help them without getting paid :p
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