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¡Party! ¡Party! ¡Woow!

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    DiscoArmor || V1.0 || Free || - ¡Party! ¡Party! ¡Woow!

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  2. screen shots please.
  3. Yeah, Sorry Im Uploading
  4. "I do not remember the commands".
  5. ¿?
    Sorry, I have not a good computer for
    be in the minecraft and explorer at the same time.
  6. My plugin still better.
  7. Your plugin is even more improved and more epic ._.
    I'm just a beginner
  8. Thanks, m8, but I want write new, better plugin. Have you idea?
  9. I'd like one Hunger Games / Survival Games
    Like cubecraft it with the scoreboard and such: 3
  10. ;) Ok, But.. I Dont Know :C
  11. If you ever want help, write me. ;)
  12. Hi, which is the permission to use /da? For the users