Spigot Disco Armour 1.6

Define Your Server With Colour Changing Leather Armour!

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    Disco Armour - Define Your Server With Colour Changing Leather Armour!

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  2. Oh, that on command. Please use if(sender instanceof Player), because u don't want a crash when using disco from console.
  3. Added That Into Newest Version Should be Out In 5 Minutes Of This Post! :)
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    Each Piece Now Changes Seperatly If Needed!

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  5. Is it possible when you deactivate Disco the Armour gets its color back it had before using the Disco command?
  6. I Don't Believe So But The Colour It Was Before Generally Is Just Normal Leather. I Could Have A Look Into Adding This For You Though
  7. What if the player has a golden armour (or other materials)?
  8. This Is Only Working With Leather Armour Atm As It's The Only One That Can Actually Change Colour.
  9. OK thanks. Then this is not a problem. I thought it would work with any armour. Perhaps you can mention this on the first page of this plugin (or did I overlook it).
  10. The Header Of The Title Has Always Been: Define Your Server With Colour Changing Leather Armour!
    Even On The Video.
  11. Ooooops, my mistake. Sorry :)
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  12. One other question: the /disco reload command can't be run from console. Can you fix that?
    It's not a big deal, but it can be handy.
  13. Hi,
    Not working anymore on my server, it was working yesterday...
    All commands are working but, no disco effect on leather armor.
  14. Try RestartingYour Server, Are You Running 1.8.7 Spigot?
    If This Fails Then Send me Any Error Messages And I'll Look Into It!
  15. Amazing utility! :)