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  1. So a few days ago I bought the shared ddos protection from intreppid. It works pretty well except every now and then about half the players on all my servers would disconnect. This would happen a few times and then it would stop. The players that wouldn't disconnect would get really bad block lag.

    Just today this was happening again except eventually I couldn't even access my dedi with ssh using the backend ip. After a few mins I allowed me in, I restarted bungee and everything is running fine.

    I am wondering where the problem is. My dedicated server provider is LSN. What would cause a network crash like this if it wasn't ddos on the backend server? I can give any more info if needed.
  2. You restarted bungee and everything went fine. There's your problem?
  3. Might be someone taking up that 10 Gbps. D:

  4. It just happened again so I am going to take it off the remote protection for now.
  5. Hey guys,

    Pendar2 I am not sure what issues you were having over the last couple of days but if you open a ticket we can look into it for you. Regarding today, we recently just experienced two small ~5 minute network drops due to BGP bouncing. We have resolved the issue and are putting in some new security to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Thank you for your patience and understand.

    Best Regards,