Spigot [Discontinued] Damage Optimizer [1.8 - 1.10] Making PvP Better For 1.9+ UPDATE 3.7.5


  1. fujiboy4 submitted a new resource:

    Damage Optimizer [1.8 - 1.9] - Change the amount of damage a sword/axe do!

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  2. Thanks for the plugin, currently i see no title also dose the numbers appear on the lore
  3. 1.9 Update will be added shortly!
  4. huh? this is suppose to be compatible with 1,9 already??
  5. It SHOULD be 1.9 compatible because its not using any packets, but I will add full 1.9 support.
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  6. How do you make plugins 1.9 compatible?
  7. Just download the spigot api.
  8. I really like this plugin, but it is possible to set the dmg higher than 9? in my opinion a diamond_axe makes much more dmg than a sword because of the cooldown :)
  9. So you can set the config to whatever you want right? But, it only allows you to damage 9 max?
  10. yea i put this into my config:
    Code (Text):

      diamondsword: 7.0
      goldsword: 4.0
      ironsword: 6.0
      stonesword: 5.0
      woodsword: 4.0
      diamondaxe: 11.0
      goldaxe: 7.0
      ironaxe: 8.0
      stoneaxe: 7.0
      woodaxe: 6.0
      sec: 3
      enable: true
      enable: true
    ingame it shows everytime maximum dmg 9 and nothing more. And yes i reloaded the config with /dmg reload
  11. Did you try /dmg generate?
  12. yea I did :)
  13. the plugin dont load on my 1.9 server :(
  14. What plugins are you running?
  15. Very nice! Do you think you could allow us to customize the hitting cooldown for all tools + change the armor protection?
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