Spigot [Discontinued] Dangerous Nether 9

Improves and adds nether mechanics to make it more interesting.

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    Dangerous Nether - Improves and adds nether mechanics to make it more interesting.

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  2. Loving the plugin so far!
    Found a little error: https://pastebin.com/6P9w4Lsi
    I'm running Paper version git-Paper-221 (MC: 1.13.1) with DangerousNether v1.0*
  3. Strange, there's something in the code that tries something else in 1.13.1 but it didn't run it. Lemme go look and see if I can try to reproduce the error. Also how often does the error happen?

    Nvm, I found out what was causing the error and fixed it in the newest update. Thanks for the bug report.
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  4. What about blaze spawner?
  5. Whatya mean? They still spawn in nether fortress's.
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  6. Just a few suggestions as I've had a chance to play around with the plugin a bit more.
    Maybe use sounds of the enderman instead of the ender dragon, just feels out of place in the nether
    and along with it walking on netherrack sounds so much like walking on slime which didn't make a whole lot of sense to my players
    Also, can we configure at what height the wind sound kicks in? It's very loud and seems to be triggered very low that it's almost constant, don't get me wrong its a really cool effect just seems like it could be toned down a bit.
    Also what about incorporating the idea that I've seen a few other places of an enchantment like frost walker but for lava, not the most original idea but I think could fit into this plugin very nicely.
    Maybe also a lava sponge thing too?

    P.S. I think something like this for the oceans would be awesome, and could really help those 1.12 oceans that have upgraded to 1.13 catch up
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  7. Yeah I can add those things to the config and look into something like lava walker. Buckets kinda act like lava sponges already, you just have to be careful for how long you hold them. Probably won't be able to do it today though since imma go sleep a bit first.

    Also i'll see if there is a better sound for netherrack footsteps and stuff. Probably will add a option in the config to use either enderman, ender dragon or none for roars.

    Also about the ocean, other people have requested it so i'll probably do it, just want to finish Dangerous Items first.
  8. i have a problem for me dont spawn the structures
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  9. Try reloading the plugin when you are in the nether. If using the older version, try downloading the newer version since I added a fix for this, secretly added.
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    Added a few sound options to config

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  11. Oh, sorry for the carelessness. I did not sleep at night. It turns out the plugins are combined, but no structures are generated above (loc.getY() < 120.0). I already fixed it.

    It would be great if you, sir, added the ability to edit the height of spawn structures. I do not want to constantly build the plugin myself.
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  12. Oh okay :,p. Enjoy the plugin then.
  13. after one potion : Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: Unable to decode datawatcher object and not eble to reconnect until i delete full inventory
  14. Is this plugin create a new nether?
    Can I keep the original nether and have new one by multiple worlds?